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FARYMANN Marine Engines
Technical Manuals

FARYMANN is a German manufacturer of Diesel engines
cooled by water or Air Mono/bi cylinders.
At the end of 2018, Farymann had to file for bankruptcy.
New engines are no longer manufactured.
The supply of spare parts is quite difficult.

download manuals

  15B 18B series operator manual (EN)
  15B-D 18B-D 29C-32A 1cyl-serie workshop manual (EN)
  15W 18W 32W operator handbook (EN-FR-DE)
  15W 18W 32W workshop manual (EN)
  15W 18W operator manual (EN)
  18W technical information (EN-DE)
  37E 43E-F repair manual (EN)
  A30 A40 P30 K-L30 R30 S30 notice de service (FR-EN-DE-ES) 
  A30M-A40M-K30M-R30M-P30M-S30M brochure manual (EN)
  K-A-L-R-S series repair manual (EN)
  A-K-L-R-P-S Series manuel de service (FR)
  K-L 30 instruction manual (EN)

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farymann Marine engines manuals List :
* Farymann 15W 18W 32W operator handbook
* Farymann 18W technical information
* Farymann 15B 18B series operator manual
* Farymann 15b d 18b d 29c 32a 1cyl serie workshop manual
* Farymann 15w 18w 32w workshop manual
* Farymann 15w 18w operator manual
* Farymann 37E 43E-F repair manual
* Farymann a30 a40 p30 k l30 r30 s30 notice de service
* Farymann a30m a40m k30m r30m p30m s30m specs. manual
* Farymann k a l r s series repair manual
* Farymann k a l r s series manuel de service
* Farymann k l 30 instruction manual